PCGen 6.2

PCGen 6.2 has been released this week. You can read the press release at the official site.

PCGen 6.2 Release Candidate 1

PCGen logo

PCGen will soon hit a new milestone with the release of the release candidate of its 6.2 version.

Migration completed

It seems like the migration went well and the site is back online. There’s still a couple of PHP errors I need to investigate but everything seems back in order.

Review and completion of MapTool’s translation

Software usually defaults to the system language. In the case of MapTool, I saw some non translated messages and some with incorrect French or other problems. I just downloaded the latest subversion of the project, reviewed the translation and added the missing ones. It took me several hours, I then emailed the project’s leader to have them include the new translation file. It will be included in the next version of MapTool.

PCGen is one of the 2013 ENnies Awards nominee

ENnies Logo

PCGen is one of the nominee for the 2013 edition of the ENnie Awards in the best software category. That’s no surprise with the big changes done in the UI. That is not the only feature added, many others were done, including in the data.

Eclipse 4.3 Kepler is out

Last week, the new version of Eclipse was released. That was an opportunity for me to update from the Juno version (4.2) that I was using.

Drupal 7.22 Update

As usual, the monthly Drupal update was released and has been applied.

Drupal 7.18 Update

Updated to Drupal 7.18.

Drupal 7.20 Update

Drupal 7.21 Update

Drupal has been updated to the latest 7.21 version.


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